Welcome to Legacy, my little corner dedicated to pixel dolls, an early hobby that I still hold close to my heart.


16/June/22 New dolls, fixed some bases

09/January/22 New dolls

05/December/21 New dolls, new layout

23/August/21 New dolls, site now runing on Blazor

22/June/21 New dolls, new bases

29/May/21 New dolls

25/May/21 New dolls, base section purged and started anew

10/May/21 New dolls

09/Apr/21 New layout, the number of nested tables in the last layout made my eyes bleed and have nightmares at night. This one is mobile-friendly and responsive, I tried to mimic the old web style with newer technologies.

05/Feb/21 New dolls + New Base

27/Jan/21 New dolls. Extra section now has stuff.

07/Jan/21 Added new dolls and separated the single doll page into multiple categories.

03/Jan/21: Site is up and running!

Latest Dolls:

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