This is Legacy, a little corner of the web dedicated to pixel dolls, dollmakers and kissdolls.

Do not edit, repost or redistribute any of the works here.


October 24, 23 New dolls, (re)added the adoptables page that somehow went missing but its back now!

September 14, 23 Updated the link page a bit

September 11, 23 New layout

June 27, 23 New dolls, new pose in the prep base, new adoptables section and new kisekae set collaboration with dearest Urubu

April 24, 23 New Kisekae set: Hikaru Shidou, from Magic Knight Rayearth

April 06, 23 New bases and revamped some older ones

February 17, 23 New dolls and adoptions

January 15, 23 New dolls and adoptions

December 11, 22 Fixed what was left to fix, added links, about page, the kisekae previews were restored and the bases are back.

December 09, 22 Here we are: Legacy v3! It only took me almost 2 years to actually sit down and make a fully automated site that is able to handle everything with little to none code change. The newest dolls in the front page update automatically as new ones are added and categories are created on the go. There are still some things unfinished such as the base and kisekae page, I will tend to it later on.

June 16, 22 New dolls, fixed some bases

January 09, 22 New dolls

January 03, 21 Site is up and running!

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